Enlightened Equipment Enigma Pro Quilt

Enlightened Equipment Enigma Pro Quilt


*$35 for a 3 day rental*

Enlightened Equipment has been making high quality quilts for more than 15 years now in Winona, Minnesota and is one of the most popular quilt companies worldwide. This quilt features 850fp DownTek-treated water repellent down, which handles humidity and condensation more efficiently, ensuring effective loft even in tough conditions. This long/wide quilt also has a sewn-shut foot box for weight savings and numerous snaps, straps and a head cinch to regulate your temperature and ensure a great night sleep. Rated for 20 degrees, perfect for most 3 season adventures!

Tech specs

Length: for folks 6'6" to 6'8"

Width: 58" shoulder half to 42" in the foot box

Weight: 1lb. 4.79oz.