Olicamp Micro Titanium Stove w/pot or mug

Olicamp Micro Titanium Stove w/pot or mug

*$15 for 3 day rental*
This is one light and compact canister stove! At 1.5 oz., it can get water to a boil in just over 4 minutes and is small enough to fit anywhere in your pack. Choose a included appropriately sized pot/mug for your adventure! 


1. An Evernew UL 1300ml. Ti pot w/ lid:

Makes 5.49 cups of water (Good for 2 freeze dried meals, soup or tea)

5.9″ wide by 3″ high


Total weight for stove, pot/lid, MSR 4oz. fuel canister(not included)=13.13 oz.

2. Smowpeak’s Ti 600ml. mug w/ Rutalocura carbon lid

Makes 2.53 cups of water (Good for freeze dried meal, small soup or tea)

4″ high

3.5″ wide

3.145 oz.

Total weight for stove, mug/lid, MSR 4oz. fuel canister (not included)=12.8 0z.